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Welcome to Kavtech

We Provide Enterprise Solutions To Our Customers in domains of Data Management, Computer Vision & Game Development

Data management

Kavtech Data Management is extensive. We perform over 7 Billion data transactions on daily basis enabling services in the field of Real estate, Telecommunication, Health care, Airways and Automobiles. Kavtech Data Management domain offer modern, flexible, reliable solution for critical data needs in an enterprise.

Data visualization

Visualization is a form of complex Art and our Business Intelligence Expert had learned the art of visualizing complex data patterns with a blend of state of the art technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a most understandable format for all levels of end-user.

Computer Vision

Our vision experts are way ahead in race toward fully automated systems, human level accuracy in facial recognition and optical character recognition, Crowd Analytics and much more. We perform commercial grade solutions for your computer vision based needs.

Game development

Leading Game development Company having delivered 49+ mobile game applications with breathtaking animation and superb gameplay across mobile platforms.

Mobile App Development

We create highly polished iPhone & Android apps for startups and enterprise clients. We have designed many highly ranked apps for needs of our customers and for public daily use like entertainment, health care and security.

Web App Development

We create responsive, multi-platform, reliable web applications and have an experienced team in this domain with many a hundred web applications delivered in top-notch and trending technologies.

We worked with Kavtech Solutions for many years and during that team got a chance to observe there potential as a company to solve complex problem, work together as a team and ultimate delivery skills and I was deeply impressed with the level of professionalism during the course of the project. Resecon Information and Kavtech Solution have a long way

Willy Guggenheim (Professional Services, Resecon Information )

Kavtech Solutions have exceptional skills in Data Integration and Business Intelligence there work is highly regarded by us and we found them very hard working and skilled in the domains we worked together. We have lot of plans working together in future as well.

Dilshad Nisarov (CEO, Dil Soft)

About Kavtech

Kavtech Solutions was established with an aim to bridge the gap between technology and end-user by providing reliable easy to use yet comprehensive solutions to complex users need. We are a technology company working in critical domains of data management, computer vision and mobile/web development with many a hundred satisfied client across the globe.